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Green Pill Book (digital edition) [Chinese]

Green Pill Book (digital edition) [Chinese]

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By Gitcoin Founder Kevin Owocki.

This book is about cryptoeconomic systems that create positive externalities for their neighbors & for the world.

We explore the intersection of programmable money, game theory, & mechanism design. We search for powerful new ways to to fund, design, develop, & market regenerative web3-era applications and digital assets. We launch the meme of regenerative crypto-economics into the world.

This digital edition is a PDF, and is available in Chinese.



作者:Gitcoin 创始人 Kevin Owocki。


我们探索可编程货币、博弈论和机制设计的交叉点。 我们寻找强大的新方法来资助、设计、开发和营销可再生 web3 时代的应用程序和数字资产。 我们向世界推出了再生加密经济学的模因。


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